Me, myself, and this blog

About me

Hello! My name is Leonie Jungen and I’m a student of Communication Sciences and British Studies (B.A.) in my last year at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany.


Due to my endless fascination with the UK and my studies, I am familiar with the culture, history, and language. However, I plan to cover topics which are altogether new to me and I may have to do a lot of research in order to make complex matters approachable for those who have little to no knowledge about the topic at hand. Rest assured that I try to be as throrough as I can be, but it might be possible that you come across a few mistakes every now and then. In order to keep this blog an enjoyable reading experience for everyone, I would be very grateful if you were so kind as to inform me about inaccurencies and misinformation. It is very much encouraged and appreciated.

I’m far from being a professional blogger. In fact, “The London Project” is my first attempt at online journalism and more of a hobby since I intend to concentrate first and foremost on my internship. Its sole purpose is for me to discover new forms of publishing and for others to (hopefully) enjoy my first clumsy steps.

Pictures, texts, and other content

All pictures (including those featured in the portfolio on the title page) and texts on this blog are my own. Please do not use them for other purposes without my explicit consent, thank you. For further questions or remarks, please contact me via the email address listed in the sidebar.